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E85 Corrosion Clarity

October 27, 2006 6:00 PM | 0 Comments

The NY Times reported this week that ethanol, particularly that from E85 pumps could have corrosive qualities, thus serving as a problem at the pump.

However, a release from the NEVC states that, despite speculation, the Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) released an updated statement from their rescinded memo (got that?) citing that "there are no documented reports of corrosion for UL listed or recognized components used with E85."

There are no safety issues. There were no field incidents.

Before everyone gets all hyped up about it, get the facts.

From the NEVC release:

"It's unfortunate that this storm of confusion has resulted in a number of closures of existing E85 fueling stations and the delay in openings of others. The UL October 5 announcement inadvertently established a level of doubt in the minds of fire and safety officials regarding the safety of existing E85 dispensing equipment,” stated Phil Lampert, Executive Director of the NEVC. "We have personally met with the Director of Government Affairs for UL and have had daily conversations with senior UL management. We believe that much of the current confusion has been addressed with the subsequent UL E85 update announcements. Our management and staff are working very closely with UL officials and will be attending a technical meeting to discuss this matter. We are confident that UL is aggressively addressing this matter and are working with them to establish proper certification standards.”

You be the judge.

Alt Power links of interest

October 26, 2006 12:21 PM | 0 Comments

Let's see what Googling has brought me in the likes of fuel-related news...

I found yet another reason to keep attending my Weight Watchers meetings. Apparently, the more you weigh, the more fuel your car will burn (which makes sense, naturally because any weight added to your car will in turn make it work harder to move up and down highways....)

Weight Gain Means Lower Gas Mileage

Seriously. It's all about motivation, people. If getting into that suit wasn't enough, now you can write down in your journals that losing weight is good for your car, too.


Plug-in vehciles still a ways to go....

Looks like us technology loving freaks will not see a return on our investments for some time. But that's ok. Because we love technology and alt power for the sake of sounding smart and different, right? According to this article in the New York Times, plug-ins just ain't ready...



Officially Announced!

October 26, 2006 12:04 PM | 0 Comments

In case you haven't been reading, now is your chance to get the news that this blog is up and running!

Also, some of you may remember me as Michelle Pasquerello. Just for the record, I got married in September and did the name-changing thing. I figured 6 letters was better than 11 when it came to the last name

Stay tuned for more news in the Alt Power space....gotta tip or alt power idea? Comment below!


I've never heard of something so ridiculous in my life. Well, there was that one tabloid paper about Bat Boy or something...but in real life news, OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) announced its plans to reduce oil production for the sake of cost reduction to the consumer IN AN EFFORT to discourage consumers from alternative fuels (E85, in particular).

I'll admit that part of me read "cheaper gas" and I did a little dance (I recently purchased a 4-wheel drive that, while fuel efficient, eats gas a bit more than my former vehicle) but after further scrutiny of the press release from the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, I was quickly turned off by OPEC's decision. Sure, thanks buddies for thinking of us and our pockets and what not, however, keep in mind that there are some of us out here who aren't looking to E85 so we can save a buck -- we'd just rather put the dollars where they belong....here, at home to our fellow Americans.

Now, before you go slaying my comment box with "but you just said you purchased a 4-wheel drive which is clearly not an FFV NOR a hybrid, so what gives with the push for E85, Michelle?" I hear you. I do. But keep in mind that I am a New Yorker and FFVs are not only NOT available in my area, there are also no public E85 stations here in the north east, so it wouldn't make sense for me right now. You can bet your sweet bippy that I'd be on that as soon as it's available, though. So, I'll end that disclaimer right there.

OPEC wants to make it easier for you to choose E10 over E85 by making it cheaper for you and, well, richer for them.

It's nice to see though that all this talk of E85 has someone shaking in their boots, right? Perhaps I am overusing my right to hyperbole, but come on. It's not only the upcoming congressional candidates that are lowering the prices for your vote (and don't argue with me and say that is just a mere coincidence!), but the dudes responsible for exporting this stuff want to make sure there is enough to go around for those investing in the petroleum industry.....and we all know who you are.


Petroleum Chief Slams E85

October 12, 2006 11:57 AM | 0 Comments

I am really not so sure what to say in response to the following release I received from the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition...

API Chief Criticizes Infant E85 Industry

Jefferson City , MO ­– The head of the nation’s primary oil and gas lobby association, American Petroleum Institute, President Red Cavaney painted a dismal picture of the use of 85% ethanol (E85) yesterday in St. Louis at the Advancing Renewable Energy: An American Rural Renaissance conference. He addressed the attendees at the conference co-hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"A national emphasis on increasing ethanol volumes through E85 can prove unnecessarily expensive and risky," said Cavaney. "If we are to encourage more long-term use of ethanol, we need to avoid surprising consumers with unanticipated problems."

Cavaney criticized E85 in a speech Wednesday morning calling it 'costly and inefficient' and urged federal and state policy-makers against using mandates to promote its use. His swipes come just as federal and state lawmakers have touted the biofuel as a way to boost rural America, where corn for ethanol is largely grown.

Curtis Donaldson, Chairman of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, the nation’s primary advocacy group encouraging the continued growth of the use of E85, said that his organization was flattered by the comments of the API. “To have the President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute making such a big deal of such an infant industry is gratifying and unexpected. The members of the American Petroleum Institute, which made a combined $38 billion in
profits last year, may wish to consider investing more of that money in renewable energy such as E85 rather than simply trying to poke more holes in pristine portions of the Gulf of Mexico or Artic National Wildlife Refuge.”

Donaldson went on to outline that as reported by the Federal Highway Administration (1) a total of 139 billion gallons of motor gasoline were consumed in the U.S. in 2005. “For the first 6 months of 2006, U.S. consumption of petroleum has averaged 20,441,000 barrels per day or 858 million gallons per day (2). It’s truly amazing for the API to be so concerned with an E85 industry that is expected to sell less than 100 million gallons during the entire year. However, it’s clear that Big Petroleum see renewable fuels as competitors and that is unfortunate for their shareholders, the environment, and intimately the American people.”

President Bush will be the closing speaker at the Advancing Renewable Energy: An American Rural Renaissance conference and is expected to reiterate his message that America must turn more to the use of domestic-renewable transportation fuels to meet the nation’s need for energy independence.

Referenced material above can be found at (1) www.fhwa.dot.gov/ohim/mmfr/feb06/mgrstates.htm
and (2) http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/ipsr/t17.xls.

Well, maybe I'll lend my $.02.

First of all, it would make sense that the head of the America Petroleum Institute would criticize E85 because, well, because they're pro gas, natural gas, motor oil etc etc -- you know, the fuels that we rely on that aren't always coming from our homeland. Truthfully, I think it's rather unpatriotic of Cavaney to dismiss E85, citing it as expensive and risky. We take a risk every day that we're not investing more in E85 and putting that money where it rightfully belongs -- at home. And not for nothing, Cavaney to say that E85 is costly is laughable, because the last time I fueled up my car, it wasn't exactly cheap. Well, I did save a little bit last week, but it's election time and that's another political rant for a later post...

At least Bush is pro-domestic fuels, but again, that is another political rant for a later post...

What is your stance on E85? Yay or nay? Do you feel this guy has a point?

Be An Alt Power Expert

October 10, 2006 2:47 PM | 0 Comments

....well, ok maybe not an expert, but in this day and age, it's probably a good idea to read about the latest in renewable energy sources should you find yourself at a cocktail party, engaging in a conversation about fuel, the economy global warming and that really awesome grease car that Jack built using leftover cooking oil and an at-home conversion kit. Heck, it might even prove useful should you ever want to comment on this here blog because there will be a lot more on the alternative power space in the days to come.

A group called the Union of Concerned Scientists has a nifty little link that has all the facts needed for the alternative power-minded individual looking for more information on topics such as air pollution, clean vehicles, fossil fuels and so on. "Just the Facts" is a great resource that is searchable by topic and provides the latest research in most categories.

Visit http://go.ucsusa.org/just_the_facts/ for yourselves to find out more.


E85 News from the NEVC

October 9, 2006 10:55 AM | 0 Comments

See that I received a bit of news from the Nathional Ethanol Vehicle Coalition....

The NEVC released a statement on Friday that E85 stations reached the 1,000 mark, both privately and publicly throughout the US.

Here are the total stations reported by the NEVC over the last few years:

January 2003: 100
January 2004: 150
January 2005: 285
January 2006: 600

It would be interesting to see how quickly stations will continue to pop up throughout the US.

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