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Cable Cos Bag 11,000 New Subs/Day

November 6, 2006

Om Malik has built up quite a little blog empire, and for good reason: he consistently comes up with timely and interesting posts.

One such post back in September caught me eye, as it is an explanation, in large part, as to why Vonage and other "third-party" broadband VoIP service providers are having such a tough slog in the consumer marketplace (exempting Skype and other PC-based IM/Web telephony services).

According to Cable Data News, and reported by Om, North American cable operators (including those from North of the border) are signing up nearly 11,000 customers a day, and now have close to 4.7 million subscribers. Other notable stats include losses at AT&T of 426,000 lines due to this migration to broadband VoIP service.

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