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Thomson Intros New Wireless Handset For Skype

September 20, 2006

Thomson just unveiled a new GE DECT 6.0™ (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) wireless handset, Thomson’s first product with integrated Skype™ capabilities. The new device, GE Model 28300EE2, supports both landline and Skype calling, as well as Internet and traditional line conferencing. The phone will be available this fall at a suggested retail price of $149, and up to 6 handsets can be linked together to provide Skype calling in multiple rooms of a house.

DECT 6.0 is a wireless technology built into Thomson’s new wireless handset offerings, and is widely used throughout Europe and Asia. The GE 28300EE2 features speakerphone capability built right into the handset, and a color LCD screen makes for easy viewing of colorful Skype messaging as well as regular caller IDs. The handset comes with a 100 name capacity address book, including separate call “logs” for traditional and Internet contacts. Melody ring tones permit easy identification of favorite incoming callers such as friends and relatives, and the phone boasts up to 120 hour standby time and 10 hour talk time.

Other key features of the GE 28300EE2 DECT 6.0 Wireless Handset for Skype include:

• PC compatibility

• Call waiting support

• One-touch link for wireless home networking capabilities

• No signal deterioration -- digital signal processors ensure high call quality even when multiple handsets are running simultaneously

• Voice encryption for high security

Skype & land-line conferencing capability of up to four users simultaneously from the handset

• Comes with two handsets (and additional accessory handsets, GE 28301EE1, are available)

• USB PC connectivity and software

• Mute / hold button

• Intercom function

• Integrated Skype caller ID (and support for traditional phone company caller ID services)

• Ringer off -on switch

• Convenient four-way navigation button for screen

• Headset jack

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