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Da Vinci Code Movie Disappoints

May 18, 2006
First, a disclaimer: I haven't seen the movie yet. But the buzz does not sound good.

Apparently audiences booed, snickered and were less than thrilled. Coupled with the misplaced outrage from far-right religious groups (hello!!, the movie is based on a novel -- a work of fiction), things are not off to a good start.

The book is a great read, and a gripping thriller -- it's really impossible to put down until you're finished. But translating complex stories like this to the big screen is fraught with danger -- more often than not the movie falls way short of the book.

Because I'm such a fan of the book, I'll probably see the movie -- but now I'm thinking I'll wait till it's out on DVD and then add it to my Netflix queue...

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  1. RE: Da Vinci Code Movie Disappoints
    Fish Lover :

    I completely agree and I have not seen the movie either. I have been disappointed by the advertisements. Frankly, you can tell that a movie is bad by how much they advertise it: bad movie - more ads, good movie, less ads. Think back, you never saw ads for Star Wars. Not directly anyway, maybe for a happy meal with a toy. But the DVC is sure to be disappointing, just based on the heavy advertising they're doing. -Fishy

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