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Ayalogic Develops Qmunity, Receives Additional Funding

June 21, 2006

Ayalogic, an Akron, Ohio-based, privately held business communications software company founded in 2002, just received a vote of confidence by its investors with the announcement of an additional $1.25 million, on top of the original Series A investment of $2M in October 2004. Most of the additional investment came from current Ayalogic investors, including Early Stage Partners LP of Cleveland, and Draper Triangle Venture LP. Both contributed about $500,000 each, and Northeast Ohio’s own non-profit venture development group, JumpStart Inc.,  added $168,500 to the investment. The company appears to be meeting a number of benchmarks for actual deployments and customer acquisition. 

Ayalogic sells Qmunicate™, a SIP and presence-powered business communications solution, that helps transform the way users interact across their professional relationships. This software integrates voice, text and document transfer tools into a single customized platform that can be deployed across all communications devices (Phone, Mobile Phone, PC, PDA).

The Qmunicate solution helps organizations implement specific communications ecosystems, where their relationships with their customers, vendors, partners and internal departments are all leveraged and enhanced through a rich set of presence-based communications features and collaborative computing capabiliities . Ayalogic calls this ecosystem of key relationships the "Qmunity".

Here's how the Qmunity™ works:

Each host company invites valued clients, suppliers and partners to join their Qmunity™ . Once a Qmunity™ member, users can download software to their PC's, Phones, Mobile Phones, and/or PDA devices, which enables them to more efficiently communicate with their host.

Members of this privileged Qmunity™ are provided with enhanced access and relevant information about their host through the Qmunity™ dashboard application. As a member of the Qmunity™, each individual will be able to make informed decisions about their communication choices. They'll know who's available, how many calls are in queue or they can select a self-service option that allows them to bypass the queue and conduct an authorized business transaction. Communications options include speak live, voice message, text message, transmit data, and the self service kiosk.

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