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Comverse Finalizes Acquisition of Netcentrex

May 23, 2006

Just rec'd a nice, heartfelt email from Brian Mahoney, VP Marketing at Netcentrex, thanking all his media and analyst "friends" for helping promote Netcentrex as an industry leader -- and for helping to position the company for the sale to Comverse that just concluded.  The text of the message follows:

Dear friends:

After 4 great years in which Netcentrex increased its visibility from being
perceived as a small French VoIP company to a world leader for VoIP
application servers, triple play, and IMS, I am happy to report that my
efforts--- thanks to you--- have paid off today and the acquisition by
Comverse has officially closed. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to all
of you for being open to listening to my constant, sometimes relentless,
communications about how Netcentrex was innovating in an evolving market. My
hats off to all of you.

My sincere thanks.


The link to the full release of the close is here.

Brian -- I have one question. Since you're in such a generous mood, do you plan to share some of the proceeds of your assumed windfall from the sale to all your industry "friends and family"?

You know I'm really just (mostly) kidding. Anyway, here's a big congratulations to you and to all of the Netcentrex team!

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