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New Advertising Revenue Opportunities of IPTV

November 30, 2006

A new white paper focusing on advertising revenue opportunities for telcos entering the IPTV and mobile entertainment space has been published by the research firm Detecon. Written by Susannah Spellman, a senior consultant at the company, the paper discusses a number of important topics, including how:

1. IPTV offers significant advantages for highly targeted and interactive ads that cable cannot offer, meaning that telcos will have a technology advantage over cable – if they are savvy enough to use it. e.

2. Wireless companies will also have advertising opportunities, either integrated with traditional cellular use, or in new media such as mobile data and video.

3. As telcos enter media services, they will need to compete for not just subscribers, but for advertisers too! This presents a whole new “customer” segment, often overlooked by those discussing emerging media in the press.

An executive summary is available here.


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