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Update: Cheap Inkjet Toner Cartridges

December 3, 2006

epson inkjet cartridge.jpg With some dismay, I noticed that my favorite ecommerce site for cheap inkjet toner cartridges has slowly but surely been nudging prices higher -- despite the frequent 15-25% discounts that are regularly provided. The prices in the last couple of months have jumped from $2.15 to $4.50 for cartridges for my Epson CX6600.

Since I posted about, I have nothing but good things to report regarding using compatible cartridges -- they seem to deliver the same page count per cartridge and the same quality printouts as much, much more expensive OEM cartridges. And my printers don't seem to mind the switch one bit.

So, I started to search for other bargains, and the good news is that there are a host of alternative sites selling cartridges for less. Here's the results of a Yahoo! Shopping search that gives you an idea of the options available to you if you're in the market for such consumables.

I found one highly recommended site -- -- that sells the cartridges I'm looking for for a measly $2.45.

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