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June 26, 2006

It seems that as soon as I posted my "first take"on the eMachines T6532 PC, the company refreshed their product line and introduced a new "high-end" model, the T6536, and in keeping with their big bang value for the bucks strategy, this replacement is even a better value.

The main difference with the T6536 is the processor has been upgraded to the AMD Athlon 3800+ (from the T6532's 3500+ processor), and the hard drive has been upgraded to 250 GB (from the T6532's 200 GB drive). Looks like all the other components are the same, and the price is even $10 lower at $539 (after a $50 mail-in rebate.)

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  1. RE: eMachines Update
    me :

    No Application and Driver Recovery discs Included! New! ASK IF THE SOFTWARE PROVIDED "CD's or DVD's" include a full system restore of the applacations aka "The Application and Driver Recovery discs" are included ... MY T5062 did not include these...and after a Hard Drive failure I can not get it back to the way it was shipped to me....Save only Vista OS is put on it... Again the Application and Driver Recovery discs are not included ...Gateway aka eMachine want you the consumer to pay $20.+SH to restore it ....BUY FROM SOME ONE ELSE.

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