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I've Been Tagged, Too

December 13, 2006

Thanks Greg...much appreciated

Hmmm, ok, here goes:

Five Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I'm much better looking than the picture of me that's posted on my blog (and other pages that contain my words of wisdom) -- at least that's what everybody tells me. And although I may look 30, I'm really going on 47 (thank you Grandma Mickey for your genes --  she recently passed at 99)...

2. I may appear to some to be a "money is no object" type of guy  -- willing to throw money to the wind -- but in reality I'm a rabid, bargain-hunting thrill seeker -- flea markets, tag sales, eBay -- even the occasional dump -- those are my preferred hunting grounds.

3. I'm a great handyman and love fixing things -- and my neighbors know it, much to my chagrin

4. Although I love it, I start to hiccup uncontrollably if I eat foods that are a bit too spicy hot (like certain Indian, Mexican, Thai and Chinese dishes).

5. I've worked some interesting odd jobs in my youth -- as a boiler room operator (in college); a waiter at  The Council on Foreign Relations in New York where I met and overheard many a great statesmen present and met the late; great Peter Jennings; as a copy editor for the New York Yellow Pages (hated it); as a workman on a team of house renovators (loved it); and started my first  business with my brother Glenn when I was 11 and he was 10, doing all sorts of odd jobs for rich homeowners in the neighborhood -- it was called "Glenarc".

Ok, so I guess it's my turn to tag others (forgive me if they've already been tagged by someone else): I tag Jon Arnold, Rich TehraniRichard "Zippy" Grigonis (not sure if he's started blogging yet -- and I'm also not sure if this experiment is just limited to bloggers or not) but as Exec Editor of TMC's Internet Telephony, SIP and IMS magazines, I'm sure he can devote some analog print space and ink), Tom Keating, and Om Malik.

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