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Cablevision Raises the Bar for Broadband Telephony Service Providers

May 17, 2006

This morning, I received both an email and a recorded voice message from my local New York cable MSO, Cablevison, announcing a new International calling plan called Optimum Voice World Call that provides 500 minutes of International calling for existing Optimum Voice customers for an additional monthly charge of $19.95.

For Cablevision triple play customers, this additional cost is not really additional -- here's why -- If you become a triple play subscriber, Cablevision awards you with a $20 discount off your total bill -- making the base $34.95 flat rate charge for domestic Optimum Voice service really $14.95, which in my opinion is a steal. Tack on $19.95 for the World package, and your cost is still under $35 a month!

Here's the skinny on World Call lifted from Cablevision's Web site:

Now we are bringing the same great Optimum Voice pricing to international calling with Optimum Voice® World Call — call anywhere in the world, anytime for one low price!
  • Talk as long as you want! Up to 500 minutes of calling anywhere in the world, day or night. That's over 8 hours of talk time a month!
  • No hidden fees and no per-minute or connection charges.
  • Same low rate every month with no surprises.
  • It's easy to use — just pick up and call directly from your Optimum Voice home phone — no extra numbers or special codes to dial.
  • Monitor your usage at the My Optimum Voice website.
  • Easy billing to your Cablevision account — no prepaid calling cards to purchase.

Order Now — Easy to buy online, it takes just a few minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Available to new or existing Optimum Voice customers. Accounts in good standing only. Monthly rate of $19.95 includes 500 minutes per month of international calls. Customers exceeding 500 minutes in a given month will be charged an additional $19.95 for an additional 500 minutes for use that month. Customers exceeding 1,000 minutes per month will be required to request additional time. Available only via direct dial from customer's Optimum Voice phone. Remote dialing is not available. Calls to satellite phones and audiotext lines/destinations not available. Where available. Other restrictions apply.

As per the above tiny type, if you go over 500 minutes you'll be charged an additional $19.95, and if you go over 1000 minutes you need to make a special request for more time. Notwithstanding these restrictions, this move definitely raises the bar for other broadband VoIP service providers, and I expect many to counter with similar offers.

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  1. RE: Cablevision Raises the Bar for Broadband Telephony Service Providers
    john laguerre :

    i am moving to hamilton nj.i understand that cable vision is available in that area and i am looking for the best triple play package available asap . please let me know what promotion you have on now .

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