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Is the Second Time the Charm for Mitel?

June 19, 2006


Word has it that Mitel Networks is deep into their required quiet period in anticipation of an upcoming IPO. This will mark the second time the company has gone public (founder and uber-entrepreneur Terry Matthews took the company private again after it first became public.)

After going private, the company transformed itself from a vendor of legacy/digital TDM-based phone equipment to an IP Communications solutions company -- supposedly 98% of the stuff that goes out the door to customers now is IP-based phone gear and software.

My sense is that the timing is right for this second IPO -- with a completely revamped, IP-based product line, large and loyal installed base, strong distribution channels, and mushrooming demand for IP-PBXs from the enterprise marketplace, this could make for a strong showing that helps, in part, to offset the VoIP market jitters that the Vonage IPO has generated.

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