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Is the Time Ripe for "The VoIP Store"?

October 3, 2006

For a while now, I've been wondering if the time is right for VoIP and the retail store concept to come together -- if "VoIP Stores" that serve as technology showcases, demonstration centers, and retail storefronts for the array of VoIP and IP communications solutions make sense in today's marketplace.

I'm musing about a concept similar to the Apple Stores, or the Sony Style centers -- located in a few major cities in trendy locales frequented by many business people. The VoIP Store could have on display live, working demos of SOHO, SMB, and large enterprises systems, services and applications, and provide in-store sales consultants that can help step interested parties through the technology -- and the sale.
What do you think? Am I onto something, or am I just nuts?!

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Comments to Is the Time Ripe for "The VoIP Store"?

  1. RE: Is the Time Ripe for "The VoIP Store"?
    Peer Runge :

    I was thinking the same thoughts as you, but only for private consumers. I live in Denmark and I am thinking of opening a VOIP concept store in the city Aalborg, which is the 4. largest city in Denmark. What do you think ?

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