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More on the Mac Mini-based IP-PBX

October 16, 2006

Rich Tehrani's humorous plug today about a new Mac-based IP-PBX draws on a post by Andy Abramson that provides a sketchy outline of the offer.

Since my inbox contained a release about the iBlue product this morning, I thought I'd add to the fray by adding some details of the product.

The company behind the iBlue is Berlin-based 4S newcom GmbH -- a spin-off of Snom Technology AG.  The iBlue is based on the 4S IP PBX, a SIP/software-based IP PBX. In order to use the Mac Mini as an IP PBX, the software is is booted off of an iPod Shuffle, which has been engineered to host the complete system, including the OS and IP PBX. Supposedly the system is so compact that even on the smallest 512 Mb iPOD Shuffle, there's enough room left for 4 hours of music.

Once the system is booted off the Shuffle, it can be installed on the Mini's built-in hard disk, while the Shuffle can be saved as a backup in case of emergency.

The iBlue entry-level system consists of a Mac mini, the iPod Shuffle with the 4S IP PBX licensed for up to 250 users and 30 parallel calls, as well as five snom300 VoIP phones. It will be priced at 2,999.00 Euros. The iBlue goes on sale November 6.
In an unusual show of generosity, 4S newcom will donate 51% of the proceeds of the first nine hundred and ninety-nine systems sold to the VoIP Competence Center at the Technical
University Dresden.

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