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SoliCall Cuts the Noise

November 7, 2006

SoliCall, a privately-held company, has developed new, real-time software that's designed to reduce background noises -- like screaming kids, barking dogs, weed wackers and lawn mowers --  during PC-based VoIP calls, based on personalized algorithms. The software is supposedly patent-pending, and promises to improve both the incoming and outgoing audio streams.

The SoliCall software is free, and according to company sources works with all the major softphones, including Skype, Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, and Google Talk.

The latest version of the software also includes an option for the users to see live graphs of the incoming and outgoing audio before & after SoliCall’s filtering to demonstrate the differences between the original audio and the new audio.

After a short installation process, the user can improve the noise reduction ability by recording a sample of his or her voice. This will allow SoliCall to recognize parameters of the speaker’s voice. The software can be turned off at any time, if the user wants the other party to hear the background noise.

Finally, another feature enables users to record their calls in MP3 or wav file formats.

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