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It's "Prime" Time for Skype

March 11, 2007
Josh Lowenstein, over at the Webware blog from, recently posted about a new paid-by-the-minute service from Skype called Skype Prime.

According to the post, Skype Prime is aimed at consultants and other professionals that need to monetize their phone time. Such users can set their own per-minute rates that get charged to the caller. Skype Prime takes 30 percent of the fees to pay for the service, and users can set up as many types of paid-for calls as they want, with short descriptions and custom pricing.

Each type of call gets listed on the users Skype profile for others to see, and there are two options for pricing: a one-time fee, or charging by the minute. Setting up the service requires signing up with PayPal, which handles the fees.

FYI, if you're interested in signing up for this new service, you need to use the latest Windows-based Skype client, which apparently is not the version that is available for download off of Skype's home page. You need to dig a bit to get to the right one.

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  1. RE: It's "Prime" Time for Skype
    Jigs :

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  1. RE: It's "Prime" Time for Skype
    Ivan Veretelnyk :

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  1. RE: It's "Prime" Time for Skype
    Alois :

    30% is too much. If skype won't lower their percentages they'll go out of business. The biggest independent directory of Skype Prime services is .

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