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New Java-based Click-to-Talk SDK

October 24, 2006

A new Java-based click-to-talk solution from Mexuar Communications, a private UK company, promises to deliver browser- and platform-neutral, free IP call capabilities for commercial websites.

The Corraleta Technology SDK enables development of click-to-talk functionality on any website, allowing visitors to use their Web browser and PC to make free calls and talk with sales or contact center support staff. Other possible applications include click-to-call buttons that trigger callbacks from support staff to a specific telephone number, emails embedded with click to call functionality, and pay-per-call online banner advertising.

The Corraleta SDK uses Java to deliver VoIP across multiple browsers and 3rd party, white-label applications, providing platform-agnostic integration between traditional phone systems and core business applications, whether on the company internal network or on the Web. This contrasts with rival solutions that use ActiveX and work only with Windows platforms and the Internet Explorer browser.

In addition to enabling IP calls, the Corraleta SDK can also delivers information about the user’s online experience to the merchant’s customer service agent when the call is initiated. The agent software can display this information directly or use it to trigger lookups in company databases to retrieve details such as customer records, purchase histories, etc.

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