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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2008

OrecX Taps Sangoma's Wanpipe Driver

December 31, 2008

OrecX, a provider of low-cost open source VoIP call recording, announced a new option for low-cost TDM and call recording, and said they would be using Sangoma Technologies' new Wanpipe driver that supports RTP tapping.   Bruce Kaskey, CEO of OrecX, offered the following in a statement:   Overall, Sangoma's RTP tapping solution gives more choice for situations where TDM and VoIP are blended. The Wanpipe driver with the RTP tap mode enabled converts a TDM signal to VoIP seamlessly for scalable recording.   The details can be found in this news item.   Ultimately, as Kaskey explained, the solution enables customers to tap TDM and or VoIP using their existing Sangoma equipment.   OrecX will also be participating at the upcoming Digium|Asterisk World, which is being collocated with ITEXPO in Miami Beach this February. The company's co-Founder and CTO, Bruno Haas will be speaking in the presentation theater during the event.   For a complete list of sponsors and exhibitors, please visit the Digium|Asterisk World site.  

Christmas Eve 1968

December 24, 2008

NASA Moves Ahead With Constellation

December 23, 2008

Before I came to TMC I was involved with the publication NASA Tech Briefs as chief copy editor. Because of my association with that engineering publication and frankly due to a lifelong interest in the subject, I try to keep up with news on the space program. Today I came across a news item from VOA News that discussed NASA's Constellation project.   Seems the engineers at NASA are moving ahead according to plan, hitting their milestones and preparing for the day that the new rockets and capsules they're developing today will be the primary vehicles for human space exploration after the current shuttle fleet is retired in 2010.

  According to a NASA press release:   NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, has successfully completed thermal vacuum testing, which simulates the extreme hot, cold and airless conditions of space LRO will experience after launch. This milestone concludes the orbiter's environmental test program at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.   The orbiter will carry seven instruments to provide scientists with detailed maps of the lunar surface and increase our understanding of the moon's topography, lighting conditions, mineralogical composition and natural resources.

5LINX Picks Up Kancharla's Wholesale Services Group

December 19, 2008

5LINX Enterprises, Inc., is acquiring the Wholesale Services Group, of Kancharla Corporation, which including Business, Residential, E911, DID Services and the A-Z Origination/Termination services. These offerings will be immediately available through GLOBALINX, 5LINX's wholly owned subsidiary.   Kancharla will continue to offer the standalone and branded versions of its LeftSeat Billing/OSS software solution.   Mike Machonkin, GLOBALINX Vice President of Sales & Marketing is excited about the deal and believes that it will be good for customers and channel partners alike.   "With the acquisition of Kancharla's wholesale services, GLOBALINX is further demonstrating our commitment to provide our GLOBALINX Customers, Agents and Resellers with the most robust portfolio of products and services available on the market today," Machonkin said.  

Great Explanation of Universal Service Fund

December 19, 2008

'Broadsoft Buys Sylantro' Rumors Fly

December 18, 2008

So Fierce VoIP's Doug Mohney is promoting a rumor that Broadsoft has purchased Sylantro.   I placed a call to Broadsoft's newly installed Corporate Communications Director Kristin Martell, who picked up on the second ring, and told me that the company does not comment on rumors.   Mohney points readers to a blog written by a former Sylantro employee who says that he (or she) too has heard the rumors. And in the comments section of the blog, there is an entry from an anonymous poster stating that indeed the transaction (although he termed it as a fire sale) was going through.   I get the sneaking suspicion that this may indeed be happening, but as of yet this is all still speculation.   As they say, watch this space.

Microsoft Zune to add VoIP?

December 12, 2008

From the "made you look" files...   BusinessWeek offers an item posted on December 10 by Olga Kharif, who surmises that based on an October employment posting from Microsoft, the company's Zune MP3 player might one day be VoIP enabled.   The ad, which calls for:   "...experience with human interface and navigation models requiring engineering prototypes of dpads, switches, accelerometers, touch screen input variables" and "sensibility for mobile communications and entertainment applications..."   ...prompted Olga to ask if this means that Microsoft is building a phone?   Microsoft is denying such plans.   It's an interesting item though, which does set the thought process in motion.   The Zune as a VoIP device?   Not likely, but then again...Why not?

Alcatel-Lucent to Trim Workforce, Tighten R&D Focus

December 12, 2008

DataViz to Develop Android Apps in 2009

December 11, 2008

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