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4G Wireless: My Interview(s) With Carl Ford

November 3, 2008

They say that a fulfilling life includes learning something new every day.   Well, today I learned that being interviewed by Carl Ford is its own reward. And if you asked me six months ago if I would be interviewing Carl Ford or if Carl Ford would be interviewing me... (on video no less!) I would have had my doubts.   But it's true, and Carl was here at TMC last week, and we chatted it up on video here and here.   The conversation centered around the announcement last week of a collaboration between Carl and his team at Crossfire Media and our very own TMC. The collaboration, as readers of my blog no doubt well know by now, is the launch of a new brand -- including a Web portal and an event -- in the exciting 4G wireless space.

AudioCodes Looks to HD VoIP

November 3, 2008

AudioCodes is getting into the HD VoIP business.


The company today announced VoIPerfectHD, its High Definition Voice over IP technology, which is designed to deliver higher voice clarity, better intelligibility and richer sound, and an improved user experience by doubling the audible voice spectrum.


AudioCodes plans to embed HD VoIP across its product portfolio throughout 2009.


According to the release announcing the move into HD VoIP:


The introduction of HD VoIP extends AudioCodes reach to both enterprises and service providers, allowing entry into new market segments which will benefit from enhanced clarity and better speech intelligibility.

Avaya Announces Changes at the Top

October 30, 2008

TMC, Ex-VON Team Join Up for 4G Event, Web Site

October 30, 2008

TMC and Crossfire Media announced they were working together to produce 4G Wireless Evolution, comprising a Web site, an event, and other media to address a growing need for information regarding the next generation of wireless.   4G is the fourth generation of wireless communications, which is expected to be implemented globally in the next 2-5 years, and which will offer significantly faster speeds and broader applications than current wireless networks can allow. The result will be an influx of new technologies and a significant increase in the number of customers using wireless communications for a wide variety of uses.   The 4G Wireless Evolution Conference is the first event dedicated to 4G technologies, and will take place February 2-4, 2009 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.   Industry watchers will note that this collaboration brings together some familiar faces, working together for the first time. In fact, over the past several weeks, the TMC team of Dave Rodriguez, Michael Genaro and I have been meeting with our counterparts at Crossfire Media: Scott Kargman, Joann Varello and Carl Ford to hash out the details of the partnership and to build the conference program and the Web sites. It's amazing to see all that hard work come to fruition today with the official launch.   Of course, now the work truly begins to make 4G Wireless Evolution the industry's #1 resource for all things 4G.

Ifbyphone Launches iPhone Conferencing App

October 30, 2008

Logitech Dials Up SightSpeed

October 29, 2008

Logitech International has announced that it will acquire SightSpeed Inc. for approximately $30 million in cash. SightSpeed offers consumers and businesses high-quality, SIP-based Internet video communications services, including video conferencing, video chat, video voicemail, collaboration tools, and more.   According to the announcement:   The acquisition of SightSpeed will provide Logitech with video calling technology and a software and services development team that can be focused on future video calling initiatives that can enable cross-platform video communications with an intuitive, lifelike experience, for people sitting in front of a personal computer or with their family in a living room.   I've used the service before and I must admit the quality was very good in my experience. The software got a recent boost by being featured on CBS' morning news program.   Congratulations to Peter Csathy and the rest of the SightSpeed team.   The acquisition is expected to close in early November.  

Rich Does Wall Street; Nortel Does Hospitality

October 28, 2008

Truphone for Blackberry Now in Beta

October 28, 2008

FT: CenturyTel to Acquire Embarq?

October 27, 2008

The Financial Times is reporting this morning that it appears that CenturyTel will make an offer to purchase Embarq for $5 billion in stock.   Embarq, which was spun off from Sprint in 2006 following Sprint's takeover of Nextel, has reportedly been exploring options and talking to potential suitors for several months now.   According to their Web site, CenturyTel is the seventh largest US LEC in United States based on 2,077,100 access lines in service and over 600,000 high-speed Internet connections deployed.   If it comes to fruition, this deal that may presage further consolidation among regional US service providers.   CenturyTel currently has operations in 25 states. Embarq, which is headquartered in Overland Park, KS, has 18,000 employees and services customers in 18 states.

Tom Reviews Aastra Phones

October 17, 2008

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