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Broadvox VP David Byrd Kicks Off ITEXPO Keynote Schedule

January 23, 2008

David Byrd, vice president of marketing and product management at Broadvox kicked off the Internet Telephony Conference and EXPO Keynote schedule here in Miami Beach Wednesday evening with a presentation entitled Assessing SIP Trunking.   Byrd, who was the CEO of Planet at one point in his career, started by telling a story of how different some of the major investors were. Jackie Chan was a good guy, Byrd said, and was always willing to give an autograph to a fan. Sylvester Stallone on the other hand, was not so keen on giving his autograph, and managed to upset a fan and investor in the company. As CEO, Byrd went to Stallone and convinced him to sign several autographs for the fan so she could give them out to her friends.

Taqua Announces New Customer - COI

January 23, 2008

Taqua has announced that Communications Options, Inc. (COI), has purchased two Taqua 7000s to support its growing voice services in Ohio. I got word of this news at ITEXPO in Miami Beach, which kicked off this morning.   Communications Options, Inc. (COI) is a 17-year old Westerville, Ohio-based service provider that provides a bundle of local, long distance, and Internet services to approximately 6,000 business and residential subscribers throughout Ohio. They purchased and deployed the first T7000 as a full-featured next-generation Class 5, operating with centralized call control at the edge of COI’s access network. The second T7000 is being used as an intelligent gateway at a different location within the COI network. The advanced features and call control are managed by a remote softswitch and the T7000 provides the PSTN interconnection.    

Skype 's PSP Plans Hit Speedbump

January 23, 2008

  Gizmodo is reporting that plans to deploy Skype on Sony’s PSP have stalled.   According to the site:  
We brought you the fantastic news that Skype would be coming to a PSP carrying pocket near you soon, but it seems the plans have been disrupted. Sony Japan has just released information detailing an indefinite delay, as they screwed up on the headsets that were required—Sony's microphone/speaker units failed to meet Skype certification standards. Don't be surprised when this announcement is replicated the world over.
  Some time ago I remember a company named Innomedia that planned to deploy its VoIP technology to gamers through Sega and their Dreamcall product. Actually it was back in 2000.

More Open Source Action at ITEXPO

January 23, 2008

Dell has selected Fonality as a go-to-market partner for offering VoIP phone systems to SMB customers.   According to the Fonality “CEO/Janitor’s Blog”   Dell spent 2007 scouring the market for telephony partners to serve its customer base. They were looking for two different types: an enterprise-focused solution for their larger customers and a low-cost / high performance solution for their SMB customers — one that could be self-managed. Dell has selected Fonality for the latter.   This news serves to validate the legitimacy of Open Source solutions and Asterisk-based IP telephony solutions in particular.   Fonality is exhibiting at ITEXPO, which starts today. So come on down to the show at the Miami Beach Convention Center and see the latest and greatest IP Communications solutions on display.   I look forward to seeing you here!    

Early Open Source Action at ITEXPO!

January 22, 2008

PIKA Technologies Inc., announced that its PIKA for Asterisk family of analog and digital boards is now compatible with Fonality’s trixbox CE.   This announcement comes in advance of PIKA’s participation in Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO’s Open Source Pavilion in Miami, Florida, which begins tomorrow.   The PIKA for Asterisk suite comprises a range of hardware and software designed to support applications built on the open-source Asterisk platform. These building blocks are designed to provide cost-effective, reliable network connectivity to bridge between legacy networks and Asterisk-based IP telephony applications.   So come on down to ITEXPO’s exhibit hall, which is set to open at 6pm tomorrow evening (that’s Wednesday January 23rd) and check out the Open Source Pavilion, located at the front end of aisles 700–900.   I look forward to seeing you there!  

ITEXPO: Anticipation Building

January 22, 2008

As I sit here in the show office, overlooking the work in progress that exhibit hall floor of ITEXPO, I am amazed at how well and how fast the show is coming together.   My perch above the floor gives an interesting perspective. When I walked into the building this morning the hall was a giant cavernous space, and I’ve been watching as the show decorator has transformed the space into what is quickly becoming a trade show floor complete with booths, carpeting, signs and the rest.   By the time tomorrow evening’s Grand Opening Welcome Reception sponsored by Aculab kicks off in the exhibit hall, the empty space will be just a memory and the exciting buzz of networking will fill the air.   This is the part I love most about trade shows… the anticipation, the build up, the “blur”...   I can’t wait for the conference to start.   And I can’t wait to see you in Miami Beach!  

Death of the All You Can Eat Internet (continued)

January 22, 2008

Last week I posted an entry about Time Warner’s plans to implement a usage-based billing model with a test run set for Beaumont TX.   Well, here’s some more information on that subject.   Kudos to Slashdot for pointing out an An Ars Technica article that says that:   “…after many years of stagnation, the U.S. broadband landscape is finally 'primed for change.’”   The article argues that cable and DSL — while they currently enjoy near monopoly status — are not going to be the only game in town for long, with widespread WiMAX deployments imminent and the so called white-space broadband that can be offered by whoever wins the 700 MHz auction. This doesn’t take into account Verizon’s FiOS offering as well as AT&T’s U-Verse.   The Ars Technica piece states that if these   “…solutions are able to deliver on their promises of high speeds with no usage limits, capped cable broadband service like Time Warner has planned is likely to be unattractive, to say the least.   It’s a sobering reminder to the Cable and DSL providers that they should be investing in new technologies and new methods of capturing new customers and serving existing ones.   Stay tuned, I’m sure this story has legs…

Quantcast Secures $20Million Investment Round

January 22, 2008

Destination Miami Beach: I Have Arrived

January 21, 2008

Just hit the ground in Miami Beach FL. Boy, is this a welcome change of pace from the weather back in NY when I got up thismorning and made my way to the airport! It was 11 degrees when I left. Low 70’s when I landed.

EXPO Time Again!

January 18, 2008

I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday we began work on the conference program for Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO. And yet, somehow it’s time to pack up my travel gear, toss the coffee mug into the sink (it’s about time) and head off to the airport.   Well, ok maybe not exactly yet, but soon.
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