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January 15, 2008

WSJ: Sprint Facing Major Layoffs

January 14, 2008

Android: Here Come The Hackers

January 10, 2008

Nilay Patel, writing for engadget, has an interesting piece, saying that by making available the entire software development kit for its Android mobile phone software platform, Google has opened up the platform for hacking and (as Patel writes) “…hopefully that means we'll be seeing a lot more unofficial Android devices soon.”   Here’s a taste of Patel’s post:   Apparently Android was natively booted on a Freescale-based dev board called the Armadillo 500 back in November, but the floodgates were really opened when a Hungarian group called Eu.Edge discovered that basically any device with an ARMv5TE chip could run Google's baby. Armed (heh!) with that information, tinkerers around the world have gotten a variety of Sharp devices running Android: the SL-C760, C3000M, SL-C3000 series, and the SL-6000 have all been confirmed running the OS.

Latest Wireless Musings

January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2007

Apple Files Patents for Location-Based Services

December 28, 2007

  Forbes is reporting this morning that Apple is keen on getting into the location-based services game and has gone to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to file several interesting patent applications to that end.   In one filing, Forbes said Apple:   “…described a wireless system that would allow customers to place an order at a store using a wireless device such as a media player, a wireless personal digital assistant or a cellphone.”     The article further discusses   …a process for placing an order and then notifying customers when an order is ready to grab at a pick-up station. One goal, the patent application notes, is to avoid an “annoying wait in a long queue if the purchaser arrives before completion of the order.”   So Starbucks customers will be able to order their favorite beverage before they even walk into the store, and they’ll be able to skip the line to boot! That’s an extra 2–3 minutes more people can sleep in, or perhaps they can be 2–3 minutes more productive.

Will February See Launch of Google Phone v1?

December 27, 2007

Rumors are swirling that phones based on Google’s Android platform might see the light of day as soon as February 2008.   And no, it’s not because my birthday falls in that month. You see there’s this little trade show called Mobile World Congress that takes place in Barcelona the second week in February and Google has booked a fair amount of square footage at the event, reserving two hospitality spaces (1 business, 1 standard).   APC Magazine does a great job reporting on this possibility, with pointers to a Gizmodo snapshot of one of the “rumored prototype phones circulating around the Googleplex.”   The article also directs readers to a demo of the new development platform posted on YouTube’s Android Developer Channel.   To quote the Counting Crows, perhaps February will be a great time to “catch a plane to Barcelona? I may take a (working) holiday in Spain…”   All in the name of Google’s mobile plans, of course…

Giancarlo Out at Cisco

December 21, 2007

Patience Google Developers... Patience

December 20, 2007

What’s that? Could it be a chink in the armor of the all-powerful Google? More likely it’s just a sign that they need to spend a few more hours fully cooking their Android mobile phone development platform.   What am I talking about?   In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, reporter Scott Morrison wrote of “headaches and frustration” for developers attempting to write programs for Android.   In the article, developer Adam MacBeth told Morrison that after weeks of attempting to successfully write programs for Google’s Android, he “found the developers’ tool kit full of bugs.”   “Functionality is not there, is poorly documented or just doesn’t work.

Are Cell Phones Safe?

December 19, 2007

TMCnet’s Tim Gray has some excellent coverage of cell phone spending and how it’s exceeding spending on landline phones for the first time ever.   Writes Tim:   Americans are hanging up on their land lines and going mobile more than ever…   In fact, 2007 is the first calendar year in which U.S. households spend more on cell phone services than the more traditional exchanges stationed on living room tables and attached to kitchen walls.   Newsweek picks up where Tim leaves off, and poses the following titular question in an article: How Safe Are Cell Phones?   In the article, Jeneen Interlandi writes:   …even as more people give up their traditional home phones altogether, and ever younger kids get their own cell phones, there are still questions in the scientific community about whether this new American staple is safe for heavy or long-term use.   For more, check out the full article here.
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