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In Light of Higher Gas Prices, Consider This

September 2, 2005

I received a pitch this morning to speak with a company in the Web conferencing space, and unfortunately I’m facing a whole series of cascading deadlines, and I will have to pass. However, it was still a successful pitch (IMHO) chock full of interesting stats regarding the Web conferencing market. Also it was couched in terms of the recent increase in fuel prices, i.e., “As gas prices continue to rise, people are looking for alternatives to business travel and long commutes.”

In the interest of sharing, I thought I’d include the statistics, which are compelling enough on their own, but really paint a picture when grouped together.  Thanks to Courtney Riley over at Ogilvy for reaching out to me, and sorry I can’t take the briefing with your client.

Here are the stats:

Web Conferencing
~ According to a 2004 study by Frost and Sullivan, Web Conferencing revenues will exceed $2 billion in 2009, up from $1 billion in 2005.

Report Sees Increase in M&A

September 1, 2005

Report Puts Cisco Ahead of the Pack

August 31, 2005

ShoreTel Releases New IP PBX; Named Fastest Growing IP PBX Vendor

August 29, 2005

This morning, ShoreTel announced ShoreTel 6, the sixth generation of its distributed IP PBX voice solution. The newest ShoreTel IP PBX features an Office Anywhere feature, which is designed to support mobile users on any device in any location. ShoreTel’s latest offering features integrated software distribution, media encryption, on-net dialing, and increased support of international operations.  ShoreTel has also delivered two new telephone devices, a low-end IP phone and a 24-button programmable button box for operators and assistants.


In other news, ShoreTel announced today it has been recognized by InfoTech as the fastest growing IP PBX company in the United States.

Interactive Services Would Bolster IPTV

August 19, 2005

Interactive services are the key to IPTV success in the U.S. So says a recent study conducted by Parks Associates. The report tells us that consumers interested in interactive services such as voting on game shows, targeted advertising, and gaming, represent a lucrative early market for IPTV services and applications.

According to IP Video Services: Analysis and Forecast, that group of consumers totals nearly 27 percent of all U.S. households.

This segment, as identified in Parks Associates' multinational study Global Digital Living, is highly receptive to advanced TV services.


August 18, 2005

Wow!  VoIP Acquisitions Continue to Happen. Excel Switching has reportedly just acquired Brooktrout Software.The release (from Brooktrout) is below. I'll have some more insight on this later today.  On the surface it actually makes sense. There's not too much overlap between the two, and the coverage of enterprise and service provider (for the combined company) makes a great deal of sense. Apparently Brooktrout CEO Eric Giler will be leaving.

Yahoo! Breaking News! Hot Voip Rumors! (made you look)

August 17, 2005

The worst-kept secret in the industry — that Yahoo! will be diving head-first into VoIP — is the biggest non-news news I’ve heard in a while.

Of course Yahoo! will offer VoIP!

No VoIP, But Horns Aplenty

August 17, 2005

Surveillance Over IP

August 16, 2005

According to an item forwarded to me by Rich Tehrani, The New York State Unified Court System has apparently deployed a network of more than 350 IP video surveillance cameras. The cameras will monitor New York court facilities statewide and link to a multi-terabyte storage system.

According to, the Court’s MIS gurus see high-bandwidth video as just another stream on the IP network they built several years ago. Also supported is a 10,000-seat IP telephony network and more than 100 IP videoconferencing units.

Even More on VoIP E911 and the FCC

August 15, 2005

I was just speaking with Rich Tehrani about the fact that we both received our stickers from our respective VoIP providers this weekend.

Rich mentioned that he needed more stickers, as AT&T only sent him one sticker, and he has multiple phones. My sticker (from Cablevision) came with instructions to affix it to my  modem.

Then it dawned on us...

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