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Russia To Outlaw VoIP?

April 5, 2005

I came across a news item on, a Moscow-based online daily newspaper offering news from Russia in English. The article dealt with the threat of regulation being faced by Russia’s fast-growing VoIP industry. I’ve excerpted the opening of the article as well as the letter written to Russian President Putin.

If nothing else, this article underscores the fact that in global terms, VoIP can still be subject to the kind of stifling regulation that threatens to drive the technology “underground.” And “underground” is not a word any of us should want to hear around any discussions regarding Russia these days.

XConnect Launches Peering Network in North America

April 5, 2005

Earlier this month, XConnect, which interconnects Voice over Broadband operators (VoBBs) with the goal of providing free calls and rich IP multimedia services to more end users, officially launched in North America. The release announcing that launch can be found here

Eli Katz, founder and CEO at XConnect was kind enough to answer several questions I had regarding the launch of the new peering service.

GG: How does your organization compare to others in the VoIP peering space, such as Telx or The VPF?

EK: In technical terms, we are the only company providing layer 4–7 peering services. In addition we actively support the commercial layer as well (layer 8!?).

Google, Amazon, and the End of Secrets

April 1, 2005

D. Mitsinikos provides a link to GoogleWatch and an interesting story about Google's eternal cookie.

I read it earlier today and didn't think to share until I came across an article written by a colleague that appears at

Specifcally the entry is titled "Does It Bother You That Amazon Knows Who You Are?" and I agree with the author that, no, it generally doesn't bother me.

April 1, 2005

As mentioned earlier this week, Juniper Networks has agreed to acquire Kagoor in a $67.5 million deal. This move has been described variously as Juniper “buying their way into VoIP” or as a “security play.”

Juniper Networks describes their strategy as a combination of their networking solutions and Kagoor's session border control (SBC) technology, for network operators looking to deploy VoIP and other rich media services.

Nortel Names Kunis CTO; McFadden To Head Research

March 31, 2005

Supportsoft Series Surveys Triple Play

March 31, 2005

Every so often, I receive interesting survey results, which I feel compelled to share with you, the readers of my blog. In this particular case, the subject is triple play deployment, and the source of the information is a survey conducted over the course of a recent Supportsoft executive briefing series.

Responding to the survey, 98% of those polled agreed that customer service represents a key competitive advantage for successfully acquiring and retaining customers for triple play services. However, 90% of service providers responding to the survey acknowledge that delivery of triple play services (broadband, VoIP, and IPTV) raised significant customer service challenges.

Bandwidth Shaping In A Wireless Access Point: AirEqualizer

March 31, 2005

APconnections, a Colorado-based supplier of plug-and-play bandwidth shaping products, has just released the AirEqualizer, a self-contained power-over-Ethernet (PoE) wireless access point (AP) with built-in NetEqualizer technology (NetEqualizer appliances are plug and play bandwidth shaping systems designed for voice and data networks). AirEqualizer is designed to allow organizations to control network congestion at the AP, and ensure high-quality connectivity for VoIP and other priority users, thereby dramatically reducing help desk and service calls — without the need for any manual tuning.

“With AirEqualizer, we are changing the economics of delivering quality wireless services,” said Art Reisman, CTO and founder of APconnections. “Built-in equalizing eliminates brownouts and lockups, while at the same time allowing 25–40 percent more users to connect to a single AP.”

In addition to APconnections’ equalizing technology, AirEqualizer comes with standard commercial AP technology, including authentication, billing, re-direction, routing, and firewall protection.

Juniper Networks to Acquire Kagoor

March 29, 2005

Just got word of this latest acquisition in the VoIP space (release below). Keep an eye on the SBC market to see what happens next...

Juniper Networks, Inc. to Acquire Kagoor Networks

Brings Secure and Assured VoIP To Customers Worldwide

TTI Releases Broadband Powerline Research

March 25, 2005

Virginia-based Telecom Trends International, Inc., a Market Research and Strategic Consulting outfit released a report earlier this week saying that BPL or broadband powerline communications is poised for growth.  According to the firm, worldwide service revenue is expected to reach $4.4 billion by 2011.

BPL technology uses the electricity power grid to bring broadband signals into buildings, which of course has interesting potential for applications such as VoIP.

The report, “Broadband Powerline Communications: Ready for Take-Off,” states that Broadband Powerline Communications for access applications (BPL-Access) is well positioned to compete head-on with DSL and cable modem technologies for a share of the broadband access market.

The report estimates that the BPL-Access services market generated $57.1 million in revenue worldwide in 2004, and projects that by 2011, BPL-Access will generate $4.4 billion in revenue worldwide. 

SONY Launches IPELA Product Line

March 23, 2005

The first thing I noticed when I walked into 550 Madison Avenue was the SONY shop located just off the lobby. My goodness, this company makes some cool toys! I mean, the T-series VAIOs…. These make the perfect gift for any magazine editors on your shopping list… (Our legal department just advised me to say that I’m kidding.

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