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Oh Canada! Dialexia, Sangoma Interop News

Speaking of Canada, Dialexia and Sangoma today announced successful interoperability between Dialexia's award-winning IP-PBX, Dial-Office, and Sangoma's NetBorder Express Gateway.                The Dialexia-Sangoma partnership will enable enterprise customers to easily deploy the Dialexia Dial-Office all-in-one, SIP-based IP PBX and interconnect their IP...

Problems at the Post Office

I heard the story on the radio coming in to work this morning, and I noticed that Rich has a post today about the Downward Spiral of Snail Mail as well. Seems that the United States Postal Service, citing a precipitous drop...

Nortel: Politics, Bankruptcy and Business as Usual

Rich offers some in depth analysis of the Nortel saga, with a look at the bankruptcy laws of both the US and Canada, and some history of what drove Nortel to this particular fork in the road. Rich also shares his...
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