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DIRECTV Tops for Would-Be TV Service Switchers... Really?

Seeking Alpha has an article titled, Who's Winning the Cable Service Provider Wars? that discusses a recent ChangeWave survey. While some of the results make perfect sense, other results may surprise you as they did me. ChangeWave surveyed 2,830 respondents and found...

Verizon Plays Down "No More Copper" Comments

On second thought, we will NOT be doing away with voice over copper in seven years. We like VoIP, but we love copper. Clearly our executive was not supposed to say what he said to that Bloomberg reporter. Either that or the...

FiOS TV Hits Million Mark

They say that in times of financial distress a nation turns to the movies for entertainment. But with movie theaters charging 9, 10, 11 bucks a head to watch the latest Hollywood offerings, a night out for a family of...
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