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In-Stat: VoIP Market Slowing Down?

A somewhat deceiving headline made me sit up and take notice this morning. A news item from In-Stat, titled: Struggling Economy Will Slow the Growth of Voice over IP (VoIP) in US Business Markets drew my attention. A closer look at...

IP Phones Find a Home in Business, Not at Home

In-Stat is reporting that the business IP Phone market is thriving, and that by 2012, 31 million voice centric IP phones will ship into businesses. And while IP phones are making some headway into the consumer space, In-Stat believes business IP...

In-Stat: WiMAX Market Strong, Yet Some Vendors Shrink from Opportunity

According to industry researcher In-Stat, "Broadband communications have become a crucial communications tool, so demand for mobile WiMAX technology remains strong." But some vendors, especially those slow to migrate to the latest standards, might not be willing to wait around for...
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