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Stock Blog Compares AT&T, Verizon

This morning, over at Seeking Alpha, there's a nice article from ValueExpectations (a stock blog and investment newsletter that provides institutional quality equity research) on the difference between AT&T and Verizon. is run by the founders of The Applied...

DIRECTV Tops for Would-Be TV Service Switchers... Really?

Seeking Alpha has an article titled, Who's Winning the Cable Service Provider Wars? that discusses a recent ChangeWave survey. While some of the results make perfect sense, other results may surprise you as they did me. ChangeWave surveyed 2,830 respondents and found...

Femtocells in the News

The femtocell is indicative of much in the technology world these days. Analysts are generally in agreement that the market opportunity is large, and yet fits and starts - typical of early days in any sector -- abound. Verizon's newly released...

ATT Offers iPhone Sans Service Agreement

Has AT&T seen the light? Will it offer what is arguably the hottest gadget around -- the iPhone -- without a service agreement? Yes. For a nominal service charge. The two new iPhones (8MB and 16MB versions) go on sale...
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