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Dialogic Announces Innovator Award Contest, Social Networking Site

Dialogic Corporation is inviting application developers worldwide to compete for the first-ever Dialogic Innovator Award by submitting their new, innovative applications built on Dialogiccomponents. TMC's Rich Tehrani is among the judges who will decide who wins the inaugural Dialogic Innovator award. Hand...

Outrageous Interactions: Public Voting Begins Today!

If you've been following along with the Outrageous Interactions contest, today is an important day. The panel of expert judges has selected the finalists and voting is now open to the public to decide who will win the trip to Hawaii. Voters...

Outrageous Interactions Contest Nearing Close

Saw this news item about Interactive Intelligence's "Outrageous Interactions" contest and how it's nearing the deadline for submissions. It's a very entertaining concept that offers a fun look inside the contact center industry by allowing agents to share their most memorable...
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