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More on Broadband, Jobs, Stimulus

In case you followed the recent blog chatter about the proposed $40 billion that would go toward improving broadband availability and speeds as part of broader economic stimulus, here's some more information. According to a Reuters article, Robert Crandall, a Brookings...

Even Microsoft Gets the Blues

Add Microsoft to the ranks of companies forced to cut jobs due to the state of the economy. According to a story by our own Michael Dinan, the software maker today announced major year-over-year earnings dips and a plan to cut...

Jobs Macworld Keynote: Updating

...The new iPod Touch software will cost existing users $20.   The upgrades will be included in new iPod Touch devices purchased going forward   Jobs announced iTunes Movie Rentals... launching with 1,000 films by the end of February —...

Jobs Macworld Keynote: Still More News

...Time Capsule is essentially an Airport Extreme base station with WLAN (802.11n) and 4 Ethernet ports designed to allow wireless backups of all MACs in your home.   It works with Apple’s Time Machine, which is the automatic backup that’s...
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