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'Broadsoft Buys Sylantro' Rumors Fly

So Fierce VoIP's Doug Mohney is promoting a rumor that Broadsoft has purchased Sylantro. I placed a call to Broadsoft's newly installed Corporate Communications Director Kristin Martell, who picked up on the second ring, and told me that the company does...

Will February See Launch of Google Phone v1?

Rumors are swirling that phones based on Google’s Android platform might see the light of day as soon as February 2008.   And no, it’s not because my birthday falls in that month. You see there’s this little trade show...

Rumours of Google and Skype... Oh My!

There’s goes Rich again, spreading rumours.   It’s rumours with a “u” because this particular speculation got its start in the UK, where Jemima Kiss — writing on The Guardian’s pda:thedigitalcontentblog — hypothesized about a Skype/Google marriage.   ...

Merger Rumor

So I heard this rumor… and of course I have no way of substantiating it.   But I’m real curious so I call one of the major actors in this would be drama, a VP of Marketing in fact, who...
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