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Femtocells in the News

The femtocell is indicative of much in the technology world these days. Analysts are generally in agreement that the market opportunity is large, and yet fits and starts - typical of early days in any sector -- abound. Verizon's newly released...

Meetings Galore

Trade shows serve as a wonderful opportunity to meet with a large number of companies and individuals in a very condensed time frame. Today I got to meet with a rather large and diverse group of companies operating in the...

America for Sale?

Tim Gray is reporting on the chatter that has Sprint as the target of a takeover - albeit a friendly takeover - at the hands of SK Telecom, South Korea's wireless giant. Yesterday, Leuven, Belgium-based InBev picked up Anheuser Busch for...

WSJ: Sprint Facing Major Layoffs

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint is set to start swinging the axe.   According to the item, Sprint will:   “…lay off several thousand employees as newly installed Chief Executive Officer Dan Hesse seeks to show investors...
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