ABP Hosts Conference for VoIP Resellers

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ABP Hosts Conference for VoIP Resellers


ABP is once again playing host at their VoIP Sizzles in Dallas VoIP VAR conference for open systems next month, from July 20–22. 

ABP is a national technology distributor that markets SIP-based VoIP solutions via Resellers. The Dallas, TX-based firm is actively growing a network of professional resellers seeking to integrate VoIP solutions using “Best of Breed” components as opposed to a single manufacturer’s solution.

ABP’s conference is open to data, networking, and telecom resellers that want to become professional players in the VoIP space. Last year this event drew about 100 resellers from across the United States, plus a significant number of Resellers from Latin America and the Caribbean. This year plans call for the event to double in size and the conference will have even more to offer to new Resellers that are planning to focus on VoIP or add a VoIP practice.

Robert Messer, president and founder of ABP, is excited about the return of VoIP Sizzles in Dallas. “My vision is that with this relatively ‘intimate’ event we actually see new resellers being born or converted from audience to active players in the field. ABP is working with passion on making resellers successful and is heavily investing into the reseller channel.”

The VoIP Sizzles in Dallas event features a Reseller Training Track “ABP VoIP Foundation,” an executive track focusing on the business side, a Technology Track, and an Exhibit Hall. The two-day event is designed to give resellers a full grasp of VoIP business opportunities, a technology overview, peer to peer networking and training in a very short time and at minimum cost.

ABP’s reseller training has grown nationwide with ABP’s online resource www.SIPtrain.com. Resellers can visit the VoIP Foundation Track at the event to get a first taste of what needs to be learned and how many people should get trained and then join one of the SIPTrain classes locally at a later time.

Keynote speakers at the event will be Dr. Jack Bacon; Rich Tehrani — President of TMC and Editor in Chief of Internet Telephony Magazine; Mark Spencer — President of Digium and Founder and Developer of Asterisk the Open Source IPBX; and Robert Messer — President and Founder of ABP Technology.

Dr. Jack Bacon is a futurist, author, and technological historian who will illustrate how VoIP and SIP have all the key elements that futurists seek when trying to identify the drivers of major societal shifts from among all the candidate innovations of an era. Dr. Bacon is a veteran practitioner in some of this generation’s most famous emerging technologies (including artificial intelligence, controlled thermonuclear fusion, factory automation, the electronic office, global networks, and the international conquest of space) and is a speaker who knows how to bring the big picture into focus.

Rich Tehrani will highlight the tremendous progress of VoIP in the last few years and talk about the “Killer Applications” that are helping Resellers convince their customers that its time to migrate to VoIP.

Mark Spencer will show how Open Standards and Open Source have put the power in the hands of the Reseller.

ABP has put together a very impressive portfolio of products, services and training for their reseller community and VoIP Sizzles in Dallas should be a great even to join for any new reseller.

The event is limited to 200 resellers so if your interested, please hurry to sign up.


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