Android: Here Come The Hackers

January 10, 2008
Nilay Patel, writing for engadget, has an interesting piece, saying that by making available the entire software development kit for its Android mobile phone software platform, Google has opened up the platform for hacking and (as Patel writes) “…hopefully that means we'll be seeing a lot more unofficial Android devices soon.”
Here’s a taste of Patel’s post:
Apparently Android was natively booted on a Freescale-based dev board called the Armadillo 500 back in November, but the floodgates were really opened when a Hungarian group called Eu.Edge discovered that basically any device with an ARMv5TE chip could run Google's baby. Armed (heh!) with that information, tinkerers around the world have gotten a variety of Sharp devices running Android: the SL-C760, C3000M, SL-C3000 series, and the SL-6000 have all been confirmed running the OS.

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