Are Cell Phones Safe?

December 19, 2007
TMCnet’s Tim Gray has some excellent coverage of cell phone spending and how it’s exceeding spending on landline phones for the first time ever.
Writes Tim:
Americans are hanging up on their land lines and going mobile more than ever…
In fact, 2007 is the first calendar year in which U.S. households spend more on cell phone services than the more traditional exchanges stationed on living room tables and attached to kitchen walls.
Newsweek picks up where Tim leaves off, and poses the following titular question in an article: How Safe Are Cell Phones?
In the article, Jeneen Interlandi writes:
…even as more people give up their traditional home phones altogether, and ever younger kids get their own cell phones, there are still questions in the scientific community about whether this new American staple is safe for heavy or long-term use.
For more, check out the full article here.

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