Autumn, and the road keeps rolling...

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Autumn, and the road keeps rolling...

Autumn officially arrived this past Wednesday. I love autumn in New York. There's something special about the added chill in the air, as September turns to October, and the year-in, year-out spectacle of autumn baseball in NY. I'm a lifelong Mets fan, and yet I'm not one of those "anybody but the Yankees" Mets fan. I love my home town, and the fact that we have two major league baseball teams makes this place that much better.

As the Mets were locked in the clumsy ballet of a race to the basement with Montreal, the Yankees were busy solidifying their reservation to the post season. Of course the real excitement comes this weekend in Boston as the Sox will try to avenge the shellacking NY gave them last week. While many Mets fans will root for the Red Sox to beat NY, I say good luck Bronx Bombers. Go NY!

It's like if the Jets don't do well, I'm happy to root for the Giants.
And if the Knicks aren't so hot, I can with clean conscience pull for the Nets.
And when the Rangers don't do well, I can still work out my frustrations by cursing the Devils and bad mouthing the Islanders. I realize one of those things is not like the others, but hey... A guy can only do so much in terms of one city's sports teams!

Still, Mets fan I am, so I'll be heading out to the park tonight to spend some quality Galitzine time with my dad and my brother. And while sitting in the stands at Shea with the season woefully out of reach carries shades of the early scenes from the movie Major League, (Too high! Too high!) they're still my team. And more importantly, sharing a beer or two with my family can't possibly be beat. My brother and I did grow up in Flushing after all.

I'm also heading out to Long Island to do some striper fishing tomorrow. (Shout outs, mad props, greetings, and salutations to Capt. Glen and the Sea Otter West!) I'll let you know Monday how that went! My buddies tell me it's called fishing, not catching, but with me, hope springs eternal.

October is also when my family and I trek up to Toronto to my in-laws for Canadian Thanksgiving. This year we're heading up a week early. I'm dropping off my wife, my twins, and my pooch and heading from there to Los Angeles, site of this year's Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO. The event promises to be one of the largest ever in the VoIP space. There's so much interesting content in the conference, and the Exhibt Hall will be packed with the industry's leading vendors too.

And then, on my return trek to NY, I'll stop in to Toronto to pick up my family and hopefully get a hearty helping of Thanksgiving dinner - Canadian style. Of course the best part of any Thanksgiving dinner is plopping down on the couch to watch sports. Unfortunately, the NHL owners have seen to it that while I'm on a couch in Toronto I'll not have any hockey to watch. But that's a whole 'nother argument for a whole 'nother time.

Have a great weekend folks! Fishing report on Monday!

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