Brooktrout, Excel Harmonize on Cantata

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Brooktrout, Excel Harmonize on Cantata

My colleague Michelle Pasquerello put it so nicely that I feel compelled to repeat her words  here: “Seven months after first announcing its intentions to combine forces, Excel Switching and Brooktrout Technology announced the two companies will be harmoniously renamed “Cantata Technology.”

The invitation to attend their launch party at the Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, CA this evening was indeed music to my ears. Together with my colleagues we attended the fete, and it was truly a first-class affair. Thanks to all who endeavored to make sure we were included on the list, and kudos to those who put on such a fine event. The cheese was fantastic. (I’m not kidding… if you were there, you know what I mean!)

Brooktrout and Excel are (were) two companies staffed by great people. I’m sure that the merger will give these great teams the opportunity to shine and to showcase their individual abilities as they help the new entity become a household name in VoIP. Individually they served their markets well, but together the new Cantata Technology will offer products and services from the small/medium business segment right on up to the carrier market, and if past performance is any indicator, they will do very well in the months and years ahead. The combined portfolios of the merged company will serve as a counterpoint to other companies in the space, such as AudioCodes who have  themselves been able to generate great success from offering a soup to nuts product line to their customers.

I wish Cantata Technologies well in their mission to … Empower the creation and delivery of high-value anytime, anywhere communications.”

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