Outrageous Interactions Contest Nearing Close

Saw this news item about Interactive Intelligence's "Outrageous Interactions" contest and how it's nearing the deadline for submissions.
It's a very entertaining concept that offers a fun look inside the contact center industry by allowing agents to share their most memorable customer interactions.
"Everyone hears about the consumer side of an interaction gone bad," says Joe Staples, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Interactive Intelligence and the creative brain behind the contest. "We thought it would be appropriate to turn the tables and take a look at what experiences the contact center agents have had. And after seeing some of the entries, the word outrageous is a good descriptor."
The contest has been promoted for some time now. In fact, in his Ask the Expert column in Customer Interaction Solutions' July issue, Tim Passios, Interactive Intelligence's Director of Solutions Marketing, offered this example of a unique and memorable agent experience:
I'm a manager for a help desk. One day my agent received a call from a customer who had some concerns with her phone. However, he was unable to provide a resolution. So, the agent confirmed the caller's contact details and redirected the issue to me. Not knowing the specific issue she was having with her phone, I called the customer back. I have a feeling I should have waited.
When she answered the phone, she was completely bouncing of the walls. I was having some trouble calming her down. I hadn't even given her the reason I was calling or my name, but that didn't matter since she already had several names picked out for me. After about five minutes of listening to her tirade, I was about to lose it. I raised my voice telling her to calm down or I would have to hang up. All of the sudden, she said "who is this?"
There was a good minute of silence on her end as I explained that I was the representative calling back about her phone issue. It was so quiet in fact that I had to ask, "Are you still there?" She sheepishly replied "Yes." She proceeded to apologize profusely for her behavior and explained that she had been having the worst day.
Her dog was sick, she stubbed her toe, she had locked her keys in the car, and to top things off when she tried to call the locksmith her telephone started acting up. I kind of wanted to laugh, but thought better of it. Seems all she really needed was an outlet and I provided that by just listening.
Soon she was calm and I was able to assist her with her telephone issue. In no time flat, I had the problem resolved and she was another satisfied customer sent on her way... or so I thought.
A few weeks later an agent transfers a call to me. It was her! Unbeknownst to me, she had saved my number on her caller ID. She called to thank me for my patience and kindness during our call a few weeks back. Of course, I responded with "That's my job and I'm always happy to help." Then she asked me out for coffee!
Well, one crazy phone call, a few cups of coffee, and three years later she's my wife.
I can't wait to see the best entries!
But the deadline is fast approaching.
Visit www.OutrageousInteractions.com by August 31st to submit an entry. Or visit the site between September 8th and September 16th to read the short list of finalists and vote for your favorite.
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