FMC: Carriers Get Set to Spend

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Greg Galitzine

FMC: Carriers Get Set to Spend

I just received my weekly issue of the Sage/CMB Market Pulse market research from Sage Research (the technology practice of Chadwick Martin Bailey) that explores the hottest topics and issues on the minds of the 13,000 enterprise and service provider technology professionals that make up their Technology Panel...

Fixed/Mobile convergence (FMC) is one of the early applications being deployed in realm of IMS. If the Sage data are to be believed, only 11% of the carriers surveyed believe that FMC is not worth allocating any budget. Conversely 89% of the survey respondents are spending or evaluating at least some future spend in the space. 20% of the service providers interviewed are spending up to 20% of their budget on FMC and 3% are spending 20% or more.

To me this certainly means that IMS and FMC are no mere hype. Carriers have big budgets, and when they decide to spend, well, that means someone stands to benefit.

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