FTTH Growing By Leaps & Bounds

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FTTH Growing By Leaps & Bounds

The Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Council and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), today announced new estimates showing FTTH deployments now passing over 3.6 million U.S. homes, an increase of almost 1 million homes in four months.

The new figures show the most rapid growth of FTTH deployment to date, with more than 230,000 additional homes passed every month.

“Typically telecom construction slows in winter months,” said Michael Render of market research firm Render, Vanderslice and Associates, which prepared the estimates.  “To see acceleration at this time of year indicates increased preference for FTTH as an infrastructure of choice.” 

The figures also show acceleration among homes connected by FTTH, which normally lags homes passed by several months.  Over the last four months, the estimate shows, homes connected with FTTH have increased by 70% — to 548,000 subscribers from 322,000.

My feeling is that any growth in broadband access is a positive. As a nation, we simply need to have better access to fatter pipes. It’s becoming an embarrassment that the United States consistently trails in broadband availability. I can’t wait to hear more news from wireless front regarding broadband wireless for the masses.

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FTTH is very popular in Japan and USA, hope one day FTTH can be popular in China~

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