Interactive Intelligence Spins Off Subsidiary

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Interactive Intelligence Spins Off Subsidiary

I was combing through my Inbox today, and i came across a release titled, "Interactive Intelligence Launches Subsidiary to Sell All-Software IP PBX."

I thought, Wow! That's pretty big. Anyway, here's the gist of it:

Interactive Intelligence Inc., has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary named Vonexus Inc. The new company was created to more effectively distribute a newly packaged and priced version of Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC)- a standards-based, all-software IP PBX developed exclusively for Microsoft SMB customers.

Vonexus, in conjunction with the parent company, will also be involved in the marketing and development of EIC.

“We believe that we can become a significant provider in the burgeoning IP PBX market, and we're ready to go after it in a big way," said Interactive Intelligence president and chief executive officer, Dr. Donald E. Brown. "Creating a subsidiary dedicated to this effort provides the necessary focus and motivation to achieve our goals. As a result of our many IP telephony innovations - including the industry’s first all-software IP PBX using Intel’s voice processing software instead of special hardware boards, and pioneering the development of feature-rich, server-based IP telephony using the SIP standard - customers get more functionality for less money, and avoid being locked into a particular vendor’s phones and other devices."

This is an exciting company - one that has always held my interest through the years, since I first met with Don Brown in 1997. One might even say that they "get it." Certainly, I would.

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