Internet Voice Campaign Announced

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Internet Voice Campaign Announced

Go figure.

While I was busy writing my previous post on the need to focus on promoting VoIP to consumers, I get an e-mail from the VoN Coalition touting it’s just announced Internet Voice Campaign. I guess there must be some truth to what I said about getting consumers over the hump and convincing them that VoIP can be right for them. Timing is everything.

The campaign is conceived to raise awareness and help educate consumers about the benefits of voice services delivered over the Internet. Its mission is to increase adoption and usage of voice over IP (VoIP).

"Internet voice services are now opening a whole new frontier in communications, with the potential to dramatically change the way we connect with family, friends and colleagues. However, too few consumers today are aware of the power and potential of Internet voice communication," said Jim Kohlenberger, executive director of The VON Coalition. "[We have]… been at the forefront of educating policymakers about the benefits of Internet voice innovations. Now, we want to help educate consumers about the new services, increased choices, better prices and improved features that the Internet can deliver. By working together, we hope we can encourage more Americans to take full advantage of Internet voice services."

The Campaign will conduct a survey later this year and begin a consumer awareness campaign that articulates the benefits and features of Internet voice coupled with consumer messages about cost and ease of use. The survey will reach beyond simple awareness of voice to find out what types of services and products consumers would want to see offered through an Internet voice service.

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I was glad to have found your blog site. It contains useful information that can educate consumers as to the benefits of using Voip.

I am sure there are literally thousands of people that would switch to Voip if only they heard about this technology. There are also those that have heard of Voip technology but are unsure as to how crisp the "voice" sounds might be as compared to the traditional phone calls.

I am certain that with educational blogs such as yours, more people will begin to realize and look into using Voip for making their phone calls. Keep up the good work!

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