iPhone Nets Growing Share of Smartphone Market

April 15, 2008
As the smartphone market dissolves into a race between Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry device, it is becoming abundantly clear that the two manufacturers will have to differentiate themselves by offering a wealth of innovative applications on their respective platforms.
Current U.S. market analysis shows RIM’s Blackberry to be the leader with over 40% market share. Apple, which only has about nine percent market share is not only “up and coming,” it’s iPhone is fast becoming a fan favorite.
Apple’s iPhone may have a leg up when it comes to user satisfaction. The company has traditionally developed a rabid following across many of its product lines. A recent ChangeWave Research survey of 3,597 consumers found that an incredible four-in-five iPhone owners (79%) claim to be “Very Satisfied with their iPhone.” That number dwarfs the second place finisher — RIM — with but 54% of respondents saying they were very satisfied.

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