IPTV Set For Growth, China To Lead

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IPTV Set For Growth, China To Lead

According to a report coming from DigitalMediaAsia this morning, IPTV is poised for tremendous growth. Not surprisingly, China is predicted to be the runaway leader with nearly 5 million subscribers expected by 2010.

And, according to Telecom Web, Hong Kong telco PCCW profits recently soared by over 40 percent,  because of the carriers’ leading edge deployment of IPTV. In June of this year, PCCW’s now TV had over 440,000 subscribers, up 22 percent from 361,000 at the end of last year. It competes in the Hong Kong pay-TV market against operators such as i-Cable Communications, the leading cable operator in Hong Kong. Its success in the IPTV arena has shown the way for telcos worldwide as they begin deploying IPTV services and competing against satellite and cable pay-TV alternatives.

The DigitsalMediaAsia report goes on to say that the rapid growth in Internet protocol television (IPTV) over the next few years is to see subscriber numbers at end-2010 reach around ten times the 2005 figure. According to a report from market research firm Informa Telecoms & Media, which has studied some 50 countries, by the end of this year there will be just 2.7m IPTV subscribers globally, but that this number is expected to reach 25.9m by end-2010.

Looking ahead, China will be the leading IPTV market, with 4.9m subscribers forecast by end-2010, with the U.S. in second place with 3.4m. Hong Kong, the leading country in 2004 (with 475,000) will drop to 8th position by 2010, having been overtaken by the UK with 1.5m.

The top five Western Europe IPTV markets in 2010 will be France, Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain.

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MatrixStream to release world’s first High Definition IPTV

MatrixStream Technologies, Inc., will soon be releasing the world’s first H.264 AVC (advance video codec) Video on Demand and IPTV Set Top Box (STB) and PC Player capable of the highest of high definition (HD) signal formats with 1080 vertical pixels by 1920 horizontal pixels.

MatrixStream’s 1020HD STB will match and even exceed broadcast and satellite quality video over any broadband network the same way that VoIP can be used over any broadband connection.

Pictures of the IMX 1020 HD STB (For high resolution versions of these pictures, please go to: www.matrixstream.com/presskit).

Unlike most IPTV and Video on Demand (VOD) solutions on the market today, which are bogged down by broadband bandwidth congestion and integration issues which leads lengthy download periods or low quality Internet videos, proprietary MatrixStream technology leverages proprietary H.264 end-to-end solution, allowing viewers to watch videos in DVD or HD over any best effort broadband; capable of instant VOD, streaming DVD-quality video in real time.

Simply plug one end of the STB into a TV set and the other into any broadband connection, and then watch Video on Demand and IP broadcast TV in DVD or HD quality. With the easy-to-use remote control in hand, end users will be able to access an ever-increasing range of content and channels from around the world. Features to be included are friendly interactive menus, and e-commerce capabilities tied to MatrixStream’s dynamic advertising management (DAM) technology, which targets advertising based on individual user’s preferences and interests.

MatrixStream’s high-end, affordable (price yet to be determined) STB in conjunction with the complete end-to-end MatrixStream IPTV/VOD backend solution is engineered to work over any best effort broadband network with or without quality of service (QoS) and thus can be utilized to target the entire global broadband market, currently standing at just over 200 million broadband users worldwide. MatrixStream’s turnkey plug-n-play backend solution is fully integrated with IP STB and PC viewing clients which enable IPTV operators to deploy an IPTV service complete with billing management, subscriber management, channel management and digital rights management.

MatrixStream will be making the 1020HD available for trials in late January 2006 with a consumer edition scheduled for production by the end of the first quarter of 2006. In addition to its STB efforts, MatrixStream will be also launching its IMX1100 PC Player in late January 2006 from a client’s website, “Movie 99” (www.movie99.tv). The PC Player will feature over 300 free channels from around the world and 150 free DVD and HD quality movie clips.

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MatrixStream Technologies, Inc., offers a complete end-to-end VOD/IPTV platform solution, engineered to duplicate and advance the home theater experience. Currently, MatrixStream is working with major broadband providers in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Brazil and elsewhere around the globe. For more information please visit www.matrixstream.com.

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