ITEXPO - What a Steal...err I Mean DEAL!

November 7, 2007
I’m no criminal, you know.
I work hard and I’m as honest as the day is long.
But I too have my moments of weakness.
For example: I was walking past my VP of Marketing’s desk earlier today and I saw an opportunity. I saw on his desk a whole big bag of discount registration coupons. Just lying there. He was away from his desk, and this big box of shiny happy 20%-off coupons was staring me in the face.
I thought back to when I was a kid and I “accidentally” took a whole handful of candy from the plastic pumpkin in front of my neighbor’s house, even though the sign clearly said “Happy Halloween! Please Take One.”
Suddenly the old urge was upon me. I couldn’t help myself. I started to sweat, the cold nervous kind. I looked around me. No one there. I felt my face flush red with heat as I reached out and grabbed a whole bunch of 20%-off coupons.
I ran down the hall, back to my desk, casting furtive glances over my shoulder. I sat down, breathing hard, and waited.
So here’s the deal. I’m going to be in Miami Beach this January 23–25 at our Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO. It’s going to be a great show with over 7,000 attendees expected.
Plus it’s Miami… In January… You see where I’m going with this?
Best part is, if you want to get in to the conference program I’m willing to make a deal with you.
To help alleviate my guilt, I’m trying to get rid of all those 20% discounts.
If you would be so kind as to take the following code…
…and enter it on the form when you’re signing up for the conference program at the ITEXPO conference registration site, you will be treated to a 20% discount off the conference fee.
But don’t tell my VP of marketing you got it from me.
In fact, maybe I’ll blame Keating.
He blogs too, you know.
Remember, the 20% discount applies to any conference plan at ITEXPO.
The code to enter on the registration form to get the discount is ITE08BLOG.
Just make sure you register on or before November 21.
Gotta run. I think someone’s coming…

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