Keep Your Bling-Bling... I Got Vling Vling!

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Greg Galitzine

Keep Your Bling-Bling... I Got Vling Vling!

EarthLink is rolling out Vling, a sparkling new service that integrates chat with voice through a single easy-to-use interface. Built on SIP, Vling currently runs on Windows XP and is available for free to all high-speed Internet users who want to connect on their terms via voice, data, or chat. The service is currently in beta.

Using peer-to-peer, file-sharing technology, Internet consumers can download Vling and begin making calls to other Vling users and customers of select other SIP-based services.

Over the next several months, EarthLink plans to further its position in the voice market by testing other innovative voice/VoIP technologies. Watch for them to get in to the dual-mode space with a dual-band WiFi/cell phone offering soon.

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