Like A Band of Gypsies We Roll Down the Highway...

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Like A Band of Gypsies We Roll Down the Highway...

Willie Nelson's got nothing on me this summer.

Having spent most of June on the road (for work) and then most of July on the road (splitting time between family vacation and summer scout camp director responsibilities) it's finally August. So how do you think I'm planning to meet month #8? On Sunday August 1st, I'm flying out to San Jose for TMC's inaugural VoIP Developer Conference which starts August 3rd.

We're literally crushing our early projections. With an Exhibit Hall jam-packed with nealry 30 exhibitors and a conservative estimate of 400 to 500 attendees the VoIP Developer Conference promises to be quite an event.

I'm looking forward to hearing Chris Wood, director of AT&T's CallVantage service kick off the show with some insightful commentary, and I'm equally looking forward to hearing from Intel, Aculab and SIP Foundry.

If you're out in Silicon Valley, I urge you to take a half-day and drop by the show. It's going to be great.

And if you're like me, and you find yourself on the road again, just keep an eye out for this guy:

willie 2.jpg

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