Managed Services Survey Results

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Managed Services Survey Results

A recent TMCnet/Intellicom Analytics survey explored how many enterprises are looking to engage a third party to provide managed services support in areas such as network performance optimization or configuration management.


Of the 1,734 global respondents, the overwhelming majority — 68% — are not currently using any externally provided managed services. Within this segment, more North American-headquartered businesses (72%) have chosen a non-external management approach compared to their Global Region counterparts (63%).


Judging by this data it would seem that there is a tremendous opportunity for managed services providers to fine tune their marketing efforts and make efforts to win business in this market.

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Interesting stats. I think the percentage of small businesses using managed services will also skyrocket, based on trends at the SMB Nation event. Entry-level pricing for MSP platforms is about to fall really fast, according to my sources.
-joe panettieri, MSPmentor, a daily blog for MSPs

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