Microsoft Announces Response Point Availability, Pricing

October 2, 2007
Back in March, Microsoft announced a small business phone system named Response Point, and said the system would be generally available to manufacturing later this year.
Well, it’s now “later this year.”
Today, Microsoft is announcing the general availability of its Response Point phone system and has set this Friday, October 5, as the first day for customers to preorder systems from manufacturing partner Quanta Computer.
According to Microsoft, Quanta-based packages will cost approximately $2,500 for a base unit with built-in analog telephone adapter (ATA) and secure gateway, plus four phones. Additional phones can be purchased for $159 each.
In addition, Microsoft announced that systems from their partner D-Link would be available starting in Q4 2007. The D-Link VoiceCenter system will include a base unit, ATA and five phones for approximately $2,999. Additional phone lines will cost $149.
Also announced today was Microsoft’s newest hardware partner Aastra Technologies. Aastra is very familiar with the enterprise telecommunications industry, and is set to offer Response Point phone systems with wireless handset options by next year.

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