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iPhone Nets Growing Share of Smartphone Market

April 15, 2008

As the smartphone market dissolves into a race between Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry device, it is becoming abundantly clear that the two manufacturers will have to differentiate themselves by offering a wealth of innovative applications on their respective platforms.   Current U.S. market analysis shows RIM’s Blackberry to be the leader with over 40% market share. Apple, which only has about nine percent market share is not only “up and coming,” it’s iPhone is fast becoming a fan favorite.   Apple’s iPhone may have a leg up when it comes to user satisfaction. The company has traditionally developed a rabid following across many of its product lines.

VZW Offers Unlimited Web, E-Mail for Smartphone Users

April 14, 2008

Industry Players Agree on LTE Licenses

April 14, 2008

Juniper Unveils Mobile Backhaul Solution

April 14, 2008

Mobile operators are striving to improve operational efficiency of their networks and pursue cost control by raising the average revenue per user (ARPU) by offering new data services. This is no secret.   Tremendous growth in data traffic is being driven by increased use of video, music, photo sharing, and the like. This is not a secret.   A recent AT&T survey states that smartphone users double the ARPU. This I did not know.   Regardless of the infrastructure upgrades that occur in the core of the network, mobile carriers will never realize the full benefits of these upgrades so long as bottlenecks occur at various points along the way.

3D World Drives Minute Plans, Mobile Purchases

April 14, 2008

I recently met with Gemini Mobile Technologies at CTIA. Gemini Mobile recently made headlines with the release of its HyperScale Software Development Kit, which is designed to enable system integrators and partners worldwide to harness the power of Gemini’s powerful HyperScale technology to create products for a variety of industries.   Gemini’s HyperScale is the core technology behind its two products: a software messaging platform, HyperScale Messaging Center, and a community platform, eXplo.   While at CTIA, I got a thorough demo of S! Town, a 3D mobile community powered by eXplo. Based on Gemini’s HyperScale technology, eXplo unifies media, content and communication into a single platform offering end users a unique 3D mobile experience.

The service went live in Japan two years ago, with Softbank Mobile, and as of November it had 250,000 subscribers.   My first thought was, ok, so this is like Webkinz for mobile phones. Do a quarter of a million Japanese children really have their own mobile phones, with unlimited data plans?   Turns out the target demographic is not kids at all, but rather women from 20–29 years of age, a group that makes up 41% of the user base.

A Night at the Opera With Android

April 10, 2008

Samsung's iPhone Challenger

April 8, 2008

Samsung Mobile announced the Samsung Instinct at CTIA last week. Hailed by many as the “iPhone killer” (or at least a worthy alternative) the device offers full touch screen functionality and promises to accelerate the user experience by enabling access to commonly used applications and contacts with a single finger tap.

  The device, available exclusively from Sprint, will run on the carrier’s EV-DO Rev A network, enabling users to browse the Web, access business or personal e-mail, share pictures, listen to commercial-free radio and more at broadband speeds.   The crew at Gizmodo seems to like the Samsung offering.   The device will come with a 2GB microSD card which is good for 2,000 songs or so from Sprint’s Music Store, two batteries offering up to 5.75 hours of continuous talk time each, battery charging sleeve, travel charger, USB cable, 3.5mm headphones with built-in microphone, and leather case with stylus.   Pricing has yet to be determined.   Oh… and the Instinct was awarded best of show at CTIA too.

D2 Cues Up For Google Android

April 4, 2008

Level 3's DeLong Discusses Backhaul

April 1, 2008

  Level 3 is always doing something interesting. And tomorrow, during a panel discussion on backhaul, Level 3 vice president of offer management Edgar DeLong will be promoting the carrier’s strategy of hybrid fiber wireless as a solution to help wireless providers adopt backhaul solutions at a greater clip.   DeLong told me this morning that fiber offers the scale and reliability that providers seek, but that the challenge with an all-terrestrial solution is the cost.   DeLong said that Level 3 has conducted a series of surveys and determined that only approximately 10–20% of carriers’ cell sites fall within a 500-foot radius of Level 3’s fiber footprint. That 500-foot radius determines an area where it is cost effective to connect via fiber.   Beyond that it makes sense to utilize an OC-3 microwave fixed wireless solution to accommodate more carrier cell sites and keep the cost of the solution low.   DeLong will be discussing this ecosystem approach, combining hybrid fiber and wireless in a panel discussion entitled Cell Site Backhaul: Addressing a Top Cost and Reliability Concern, at 2:30pm on Wednesday, in the Las Vegas Convention Center Room North 113.

CTIA Day 1 - Preview

April 1, 2008

  If it’s April, it must be Vegas.   Arrived after a bumpy flight last night. Not fun.   I’m looking forward to heading over to the CTIA show later this morning, and I’m excited by by the fact that I’ll be meeting with a slew of leading companies in the space. (I have over a dozen briefings set up for today alone!)   Be sure to check my blog later for updates on my what I find at the event. I’m always curious to see new products and learn about emerging strategies and trends.   But rather than wait for me to finish my meetings, check out TMCnet’s CTIA news page to stay up to date with all the new developments streaming out from the event.        
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