More on VoIP E911 and the FCC

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More on VoIP E911 and the FCC

I recently moved into a new home and with that move, I decided to take the plunge and switch to Cablevision's VoIP service Optimum Voice. No more Verizon. No more AT&T.  Of course, the first two weeks were plagued with quality issues. I couldn't believe my luck.  Here I am the editorial director of the longest running VoIP magazine and after hearing great things from my friends who actually use Cablevision's service, I get the lemon?

Oh, I'll be writing about this! The VoIP gods will not conspire against me! I'll get to the bototm of this!

Well, one very positive, polite, professional, helpful call to customer service, and a timely dispatch of a technician to my house took care of what was ailing our phone service. Apparently there was still a POTS line attached to the house, and that was causing interference. Since then -- perfect.

Saturday's mail contained a piece of mail from Cablevision. It was the VoIP/E-911 warning sticker that I'm supposed to attach to my modem. I imagine subscribers all across the country are (and perhaps have already been) receiving these stickers. I know Rich Tehrani got his recently too.

Here's what the sticker actually says:

Your E911 service will not operate if:

  • There is a power outage in your home, unless yo uhave a battery back-up connected to your modem.
  • Your service is disconnected by Cablevision.
  • Service to your home is interrupted.
  • You move your cable modem to a new address without notifying Cablevision.

To move your cable modem to another address, you must contact Cablevision Customer Service prior to your move to ensure that E911 will continue to work properly.

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